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About Klodian "Ian" Hoxha M.B.A.

EARLY LIFE My name is Klodian Hoxha, I know people sometimes have a hard time remembering my name so I also go by "Ian". I am originally from Albania. A small country in the southeastern part of Europe which borders Greece, Montenegro, Kosovo and the Republic of Macedonia. I have lived in the States for more than 20 years now. Texas was not our primary destination but I got here as fast as I could. I love Texas, but most importantly, I love Houston. Houston is so diverse, full of culture and interesting people. It is a mini-representation of the world and we all come together into our own melting pot. EDUCATION I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Technology from the University of Houston where I specialized in Project Management. After a few years, I went back to school and I graduated top of class with an Executive M.B.A from Texas A&M. At about the same time I was taking courses in real estate and as of 2017, I became a real estate broker licensed under the State of Texas. CAREER I have always had a role which placed me in direct contact with clients where I was in management and advising so stepping into real estate was an easy transation. I started my career as an investor and as my intrest and knowledge grew so did I. I love what I do and I love serving our clients. WHY ME Hiring me for your real estate needs means hiring a team of advisors. I manage a group of highly trained real estate professionals who get the job done. Being an immigrant I know first hand about "the American dream" of home ownership. Growing up I would dream about having my own room and It took me 2 decades to get. I am passionate about what I do and I work hard to get it done. INCENTIVES Because I know what it is like not to own a home of your own, I offer incentives to first time home buyers. If you meet the following criteria you should ask about our rebates: * Immigrant first time home buyer * Veteran * Active Military * Teacher * Government Employee * First responder (Police, Nurse, Doctor, Fire Fighter, EMS, Medical Technicians, Rescuers) Find out if you qualify to get your home sold for free by us.

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