Klodian "Ian" Hoxha M.B.A. - Testimonials

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We love working with Ian.

He is very knowledgeable. He first helped us get a rental property and once we were ready, we used him get our very first home. He works very hard and he has a team of dedicated people that work with him. The whole process was smooth and we got the house we wanted at the price we wanted. He is very good and he is very much recommended by us.

Lola Nina

We sold the house with Ian.

He helped us get more for it than what we expected. He was worth every penny.

Ignacio P

We had an excellent experience.

Very knowledgeable, very sharp. Great team to work with.

Joe Diaz

We did not know if we could even afford to buy our own home.

Rent was getting expensive and we just did not have the credit score to buy. We were recommended to talk to Klodian. He refered us to a credit company that fixed our credit. Once our credit was fix we purchased our home soon after that. It is such a wonderful feeling. We never thought we would be so happy owning a home. All thanks to Klodian.


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